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Marina/Nekophiliac - 

Hi, I’m Marina~ This is how my love for YGO began. When I was in 7th grade, my best friend was a puzzleshipper. I didn’t watch anime or know much more about YGO other than the fact that it had to do with a card game that I believed (with little evidence) was “a cheap rip-off of Pokemon or something”. I was indifferent to the idea, and even teased her about it sometimes because she would haul around this huge folder packed full of puzzleshipping fanart. Then, one day when she was feeling a little under-the-weather, I went browing on google images for some puzzleshipping fanart to cheer her up with, when I accidentally stumbled across some Seto/Jou fanart. This is when I became a puppyshipper.
Before any of that, though, I would watch an episode from time to time. My first impression? I laughed. Especially after hearing Yami no Yuugi’s voice. And then I proceeded to make fun of Jounouchi’s hair … relentlessly. The one who amused me the most, though - Seto Kaiba himself. I, personally, thought he looked like a cute little mouse.
I was introduced to the fandom far before I was introduced to the actual show on a /serious/ level. I was a puppyshipper before I even watched a single episode with both Jounouchi and Kaiba in it. I downloaded every AMV I could find and burned it to a DVD and watched them almost every single night. I raped fanfiction.net like there was no tomorrow.
YGO is a huge part of my life, even though I got into it a little late. I’m a terrible duelist and I play the videogames from time to time only to see my favorite characters, really. That’s incentive enough to win a duel, for me. I haven’t gotten into GX, 5Ds or Zexal. For me, DM is where it’s at~


Hi! I’m Elizabeth! I was only nine-years-old when I first fell in love with YuGiOh! So it has taken up a good decade (and more) of my life. The summer before I went into the 5th grade was when earned its place in my heart. My neighborhood friends had been into YuGiOh! all summer—so naturally my brother and I were intrigued by this and wanted in. My next-door neighbor actually had a YuGiOh board game. That game included Joey Wheeler. The moment I saw him, I fell in love. I asked to keep his game piece and my neighbor was like, “Yeah totally!”. Unfortunately I don’t have it anymore. It was lost when I moved. Anyway; after I saw Joey’s handsome face I had to watch the show. It had just aired when I first started watching it so I’ve literally seen the show all throughout its television run.

It was a rainy night at the end of August or in early September of 2002 when my brother and I got our first starter decks. He got Kaiba’s and I got Yugi’s. We dueled while my mom set up her classroom for the school year. When school started I had built my own deck and brought it to school. A lot of my classmates were a little surprised by my sudden interest in YuGiOh! I was an adorable, tiny girl who liked to sing and I was ready to kick ass with my dueling deck. It was unexpected of me—but a lot of them didn’t know that I’ve loved anime and manga since the ripe age of four.

I loved YuGiOh! so passionately all through that year. When I moved in the middle of grade six I found out that not everyone thought my obsession with it was as cool as my neighborhood friends and classmates did. I was bullied for it terribly, but that didn’t stop me. I loved it through and through. It became my safe haven, my escape from all that hurt me.

YuGiOh! has saved my life in so many ways. When I was at my lowest lows it was there. I had a wish-box and made wishes every night that it would become real and that I could be a part of it. I really felt (and still feel) that there is where I really belong. I’m going to be twenty-years-old in October and I can proudly state that YuGiOh! is one of the most important things in my life and one of the closest things to my heart.

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